IQ Made With Emotions

A way of understanding our materials

Material: 1/14 block of Obsidiana COMPAC
No. of blocks: 1
Dimensions: Diameter 16″ 1/2 x 35″ 1/2
Weight in Tones: 0.211
Machine hours: 15h.
Manual work hours: 8h.
use: 60% of rock removed



By Arik Levy


Waterstorm bathtub and washbasin are an attempt to turn water into stone and stone into liquid. By studying the movements of water and fluids through the river surfaces, the water waves and curves, simulating a visual tornado in space, the pattern recalls the movement of hot water streaming up into the bathroom space to create a dancing ballerina of impressions.



By Arik Levy


Arik Levy’s sculptural works for COMPAC are deeply inspired by the nature of water: it is both matter, and is ultimately an important element in the production of highly complex forms, it is a medium for transformation and the suspension of elemental particles. The forms on which Levy’s vases, basins, and tubs are based are ultimately generated on the computer transformation of his thoughts and ideas via tecno krafting.

Material: 3/4 block of Obsidiana COMPAC
No. of blocks: 1
Dimensions: 79″ x 42″ x 20″ 1/2
Weight in Tones: 0.512
Machine hours: 80h.
Manual work hours: 45h.
% use: 84% of rock removed

Material: Quartz COMPAC
No. of boards: 7
No. of pieces: 36
Dimensions: 155″ 1/2 x 40″ x 35″ 7/8
Weight in Tones: 0.950
Machine hours: 22h.
Manual work hours: 96h.

Mineral Mass

By Arik Levy


A massive one-tonne mono-block mineral quartz. A sculptural kitchen-island concept “floating” like a white iceberg. Its origin is in the ground, – the quartz! -, and its visible part is the projection, the idea…minds over matter. Mineral Mass is made of slabs set together like a 3D puzzle but appears as though it has been carved from one block of quartz.


Artist, technician, photographer, designer, video artist, Levy’s skills are multi-disciplinary. Best known publicly for his sculptures – such as his signature Rock pieces – his installations, limited editions and design, Levy nevertheless feels “The world is about people, not objetcs”. Hailing originally from Israel and moving to Europe after his first participation in a group sculpture exhibition in Tel-Aviv in 1986, Levy currently works in his studio in Paris. His work has been exhibited in museums around the world – for example the Centre Pompidou in Paris and MoMA in New York – but also installed on a permanent basis in public spaces.

Our desire is to bring together privileged minds such as that of Arik Levy, to generate synergy and share passions. Purity, respect towards nature, admiration of forms, good taste, the human component… these are just some of the attributes that give life and shape to this project.

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